Monday, April 11, 2011

Trash, Trash, and more TRASH!!!

One thing that drives me crazy about Germany is the way they do trash!  I'm all for recycling, don't get me wrong.  In Minnesota we had a recycling container that was the same size as our trash can and we filled it up, usually overflowing for a twice a month pick up.  We put as much as we could in there, milk jugs, cereal boxes, papers, cans, bottles, etc.  What we didn't put in there was stuff with food on it.  Baby food jars that were empty, but still have some food in the inside, yogurt containers, empty butter containers, etc.  Here's my problem.  Here in Germany you have to separate everything.  Ok, so it shouldn't be a big deal to separate your cans from your bottles, or your boxes from your plastic jugs.  But we have to put all plastics (even used yogurt containers...yuk!) in one container.  Paper in another (napkins, paper towels...ugh), glass in another one (cleaned out, no lids), food goes in one all on its own (I can't even talk about this one, I'll gag!), and then there is "restmuil" for everything else (diapers, old socks...whatever). 

We live in an aparment building with 6 apartments.  We are the only ones with kids.  Thank God Drew is potty trained so we only have enough diapers for 1 kid.  But in our "community" garbage area, there is 1 can for restmuil and they come once every 2 weeks!  Everything else comes about once a month!  It's madness!

I'm not describing it very well, because reading this does not make it sound that bad, but it truly sucks!  I'm loving Germany and especially loving our little town of Starnberg, but this garbage thing drives me crazy. 

Here is a picture of our trash set up in the kitchen...5 trash cans!!!  Plus a diaper pail in Anna's room!

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